.com Takes It Up To Touch Bags – Who Sells Better Tiffany Jewellery? and Touch Bags are two of the top Tiffany replica sites. While Touch Bags has been online for a longer period of time, TiffanyInTheBox has been rapidly gaining more and more customers from Touch Bags, such that they could be considered equal now. This is only due to being relatively new. Long-term projections are favourable for Touch Bags for a few reasons: the product range is as good what TiffanyInTheBox provides in terms of Tiffany products, but they also have a wide range of products other than jewellery, such as handbags, belts and pens. Furthermore, Touch Bags has the added advantage of having superior customer support to attend to all the questions that may be raised by both customers and prospects who are interested in shopping at Touch Bags.

What Do TiffanyInTheBox Have?

One of the most important things in an online store like or Touch Bags is what they specifically have on offer. There are marketing specialists who recommend that it's better to specialize than cater to a wider audience, but this isn't entirely true. What if there is not a significant volume of customers who desire the individual item or range of items that you have on offer? You might have more people who become customers, but how much money you'll make out of them is significantly less than if they were general customers looking for high quality replica goods. This is a core reason why Touch Bags will beat out TiffanyInTheBox in the long run. They cater to a broader audience and while they may have less people buying from them, they have more people actually coming to visit the site in the first place.

Tiffany In The Box, Get Ready To Serve

So if Touch Bags has a higher volume of visitors but less customers, how do they actually go about turning those visitors into customers? They attend to them with their well-developed support system, of course., being brand new, is simply swamped by operating expenses at the moment, meaning that they don't have sufficient left over funds to actually afford better support. They've got the stock standard contact form, but this is it for the time being. TiffanyInTheBox does have a fair way to go and until they can afford the three-pronged support strategy that Touch Bags adopts, they will lose more and more of the market share that they've gained in their first few months of operation. Tiffany In The Box is still a great place to buy replica Tiffany accessories, but over time, Touch Bags will win out.